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Concerns of neighbors in Winslow Farm: Many foundations in WF have shifted during the past few years. This has happened with condo units and single family homes. It is due to a combination of things: foundations built on fill with too much slope, dry summers causing clay soil to shrink and rain gutters pooling water near foundations. If you are noticing large cracks in drywall you may want to have your home checked by an expert.

Long term maintenance of 7 water retention ponds located in Moss Creek & Moss Creek Village. Dry weather conditions and flooding have caused homeowners to wonder if it is not time to change from amenity ponds to bioswales.

Drainage problems throughout Winslow Farm. Seasonal flooding in Bloomington has impacted several neighborhoods.

Nuisance Trees of Heaven taking over the Bayberry Conservancy and wooded areas along Henderson Street.

Safety issues with the wet ponds and the drainage culvert in Sweetbriar. City code requires all ponds with water over 36 inches to be fenced with child proof fencing.

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