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Winslow Farm Neighborhood
McDoel Gardens
Bryan Park
Prospect Hill
Near Westside
Elm Heights

Bloomington Housing & Neighborhood Development

Monroe County Indiana farmers market
Farmer's Market

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Bloomington, Indiana, is a community of neighborhoods. Prospect Hill, downtown, is well known for it's historic homes, including the Paris Dunning House. McDoel Gardens is another close to town neighborhood experiencing renovation. Both neighborhoods attract artists and craftsmen who enjoy close proximity to downtown galleries, theatres and activities such as the Farmers Market.

Bloomington has 2 US post offices to serve it's growing population.

Bloomington Indiana is home to Indiana University, which adds 35,000 students to the community each September, and provides major college sports, entertainment and cultural activities to residents of Bloomington and Monroe County.

Bloomington, Indiana has a growning bio-medical supply industry fueled by Cook, Inc. As manufacturing plants such as RCA have closed in Bloomington, newer "tech" companies have moved in creating new jobs to replace old, but some well known "hoosier" jobs such as "cutters" remain. Building-stone quarries and mills in the Bloomington-Bedford limestone belt are some of the largest in the world.

Bloomington lies in the heart of south-central Indiana on State Road 37, 50 miles south of Indianapolis, IN and 98 miles northwest of Louisville, KY.

Monroe County is located in the heartland of the United States, easily accessed by road and rail. The Monroe County Airport is four miles west of downtown Bloomington with daily flights to Chicago by Direct Air.

family rentals bloomington indiana

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family rentals bloomington indiana

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family rentals bloomington indiana

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